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Music was and has been always my life. I could play the popular children's songs on a paper accordion at the age of 2 and 3 years old, I got my first good accordion, which is still in my possession. When I was 11 years "young", I had a "Schifferklavier" that was so great that I could look beyond the edge of the accordion. The incentive was to exercise now also heavier music. My companion was a music teacher for several years. If I was 15 years old I taught the guitar and bass playing me. First time with 25 I built then my first large organ. This was followed several keyboards and eperimentes with computer/keyboards/MIDI.

Now I play guitar with a MIDI pickup and give them the MIDI data to a Yamaha PSR-8000. I've almost perfected this type to play. I have required about a year to learn this technique. What country and the classic dance music (Bossa Nova, Samba, etc.) run very well out of hand.



The trick is to select the keyboard on multi finger to set, and the entire keyboard for the accompaniment. I now play a single note on the guitar, the keyboard detects the corresponding chord. I am raising a third, perfect fifth, or a chord on the guitar so will match a chord in minor/diminished/seven or simply as picked on the keyboard recognized and included in the automatic.


With this technique, I am able to play melodic to work the songs (almost) correctly and get always the right accompaniment to delivered with rhythm, bass, chords. To do this, I sing in conjunction with a voice synthesizer.

My songs

Hello friends of music. Will introduce here some of my songs. Now you can download the songs.

All songs are copyright! (c) 2011-2014 A.M.S. Studio Berlin.

Teufelszeug  down01.gif

Phantom  down01.gif

Utopia  down01.gif

 Sphere  down01.gif

 Silents  down01.gif

 Brain  down01.gif




With a right mouse click to down01.gif you can download the music. If you play now the music with a good audio equipment and use a headphone, you will hear all the music with effective brainwaves (Alpha, Beta and Thetawaves). It works with Silents und Brain. Best you do it lying with closed eyes. Much fun......

It will continued......

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