Wire antennas match with C and L!

Dear hamoprators, surely you was looking for a opertunity to match a simple wire on a transceiver or radio. For this describtion I looked very deep in the mathematic area hi.

The following programms are builded for wire antennas calculation, to get more feeling for capacity an inductivity, resistance and reactance, maximal voltage an maximal current, angle phi etc. Wr is the wave resistance. The match is very simple so you can build the matchhardware also very simple. By the way, you can also take variable coil an capacitor your matching a wire antenna but if you have all goals it's better for understanding.The couple coil is a part of the total match coil. Please have also a look on my chart witch describing the way of voltage ona wire - also on my homepage. Do you have problems or find any errors please send my an e-mail. Much fun for testing the programms.

   Here you can start the programms